Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, J Dog

All of my posts are written from the point of view of the bachelorette, which is getting boring. On this Easter Sunday, I’d like to write about Jesus – the most unacknowledged bachelor of all time.

Seriously – this guy was living the life! He was always hanging out with 12 of his best mates, turning water into wine and, so typically male, keeping a whore around for good measure. Not only that, but he walked around half naked most of the time and always had bed head (such a trend-setter – the look prevails to this day). Like most party animals, he kept quiet during the day (his hangovers must have been fierce – just look at the above picture – that looks like it was a crazy party!). Hell, he even got arrested a couple of times (the pressure of being the son of God must be hard to deal with and could explain the wino tendency and desire to initiate round table discussions about which party to hit next…). Right on, J Dog – your visionary singleton sensibilities continue to inspire spinsters and bachelors everywhere. Peace.

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