Sunday, August 30, 2009

Millionaire Matchmaker

Please tell me that you’ve seen this show. I have a thing against reality television in general, however I must say that I’m pretty into this show. The star is Patti Stanger, who is a 3rd generation matchmaker in California. She’s fabulous. I feel a strong connection with Stanger, as I am also a matchmaker (I have a 100% failure rate, while she is actually successful).

Patti is intent on setting up wealthy men (an elite pool of millionaires only) with their future wives. No small task! She has a database of women (10,000 boob jobs – wow!) to set the millionaires up with. They must be interested in traditional, old-fashioned relationships and they must all have the following characteristics:

* Beauty

* Brains

* Class

A perfectionist, Patti accepts nothing less than better to best. I’ve seen her interview women only to turn them down until they are armed with the following characteristics:

* A hair straightener

* Long hair (styled with said straightener) - short hair not allowed

* Perfect makeup (she will not work with drag queens – such conviction!)

* Prude (yep – no sex before exclusivity – that is non-negotiable)

Stanger, unlike the quest for her clients, is not married. She has been with her boyfriend for 5 years and she is happy with the status quo (a la Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russel or Joy Behar/Whatshisname) – they enjoy being together but don’t plan to have children (right on!) and therefore don’t see any need to marry right now.

Why can’t millionaires in LA find women to marry? According to Stanger, they have lists of specifications and qualities that are incredibly unrealistic. Funny – I believe there are some men in Cosmopolitan City who are not millionaires but are exactly like that..... Stanger meets some total nut-jobs, but she tries her best to teach them how to date properly and temper their expectations. She believes that if a man expects to date a “Perfect 10”, he himself must be a “Perfect 10” both internally and externally. Good for her! Tell it like it is, Dr. Phil!

Although these men are presenting themselves as millionaires, Stanger refuses to work with gold diggers. This is the only flaw I can find in her logic – how would she ever know? Why would it even be an issue, as the men are using that as their most attractive quality?? They are in California, where most people are wanna-be actors – how could she tell who’s truly in it for love or who’s a dinner whore???

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