Monday, August 23, 2010

What Guys Really Think: Your Hair and Makeup

Welcome to my new topic: What Guys Really Think. Based on the title, you are correct to assume that these will be short posts!

This week, thanks to the lifestyle gurus at, we will examine what men really think about our hair and makeup. Not surprisingly, it turns out that women use both sides of the brain to perceive beauty. Men? Well, they only use the right side of the brain. Yep, they're only using half their brain, but we already knew that... This is how they interpret half-brained beauty:

* What He Notices First ~ 81% of men said that they notice eyes first. 19% are lip men. The 81% who said eyes really meant to say boobs.
* Eye Makeup ~ Apparently, men prefer darkly lined eyes and smoky eyeshadow. This makeup style makes the eyes look bigger, which is a turn on. I can't pull off a smoky eye. I am sad.
* Eyelashes ~ Not surprisingly, men are not hot for fake lashes. Perhaps it's the glue marks. Perhaps it's the constant eyelid fluttering and rubbing. Perhaps it's the strip that comes unglued and hangs off... Whatever it is exactly, try to avoid it, my little Tammy Fayes.
* The Right Amount of Makeup ~ Not too much. Not too little. I must say, I've found the opposite to be true in my clubbing and general evening out experiences in Cosmopolitan City...
* Pink Cheeks ~ Break out the blusher. Flushed cheeks signaled that a cave babe was healthy back in the day. Our lovable neanderthals, only using half their brain power, are still intoxicated by it.
* Lip Colour ~ Not too dark. Not too bright. Not too slick. Not too matte. Tell that to the patrons of most of the bars, clubs and circuses in Cosmopolitan City!


Edlund said...

I read your blog and enjoyed it.

tris1978ton said...

Cute blog. I am also a 30-somthing who loves SATC. I had no idea guys liked smoky eyes. I am super surprised because I thought guys normally like a minimalist girl. I guess things have changed.

Carrie Blogshaw said...

I, too, was surprised. Subtle lips? Yes. Subtle eyes? No.
I still haven't mastered the perfect smokiness. Stay tuned.