Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yeah, you heard me. It happens to everyone. Everyone in a relationship, that is. From time to time, we all get a case of the relationsh*ts. Relationsh*ts are unpleasant. They can sometimes clear up quickly, but sometimes they repeat with a vengeance. Also troubling is the fact that the relationsh*ts can be catching. One partner may come down with a nasty case of the relationsh*ts, and can quickly transfer the case to the other partner. We all know how pleasant relationships are when both partners have a case of the relationsh*ts... Actually, I must say that relationsh*ts are 100% contagious.

To this day, there is no known cure for relationsh*ts. Some say to drink wine, beer or spirits to ward off the 'sh*ts, but sometimes that can exascerbate the problem. Some people recommend talking about the 'sh*ts until the 'sh*ts are a distant memory. Some people keep their case of relationsh*ts a secret until it becomes so severe that they end up spewing sh*t all over the place. In my experience, it's best to deal with the 'sh*ts immediately and acutely. When it comes to a nasty case of the relationsh*ts, swift action is best. And no amount of bananas, honey or Immodium will solve the problem!

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The Girlie Blog said...

Dealing with it immediately is a good choice.