Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jilted defines the term 'jilted' as follows : "to reject or cast aside (a lover or sweetheart), especially abruptly or unfeelingly." Yep, that sounds like the right definition to me.
What a week it has been. G Spot, my former lover, gave up on our relationship earlier this week. There were too many factors that contriubuted to the end of the relationship to mention here. Unfortunately, most of them were blown out of proportion by fear and anxiety. It is especially unpleasant, given that there was no lack of love, caring and passion in the relationship. It is hard to make sense of it ending when all of those aspects were present. However, this is the card that I have been dealt, and I must carry on.
I never expected that G Spot would hurt me like this. He seemed so caring. I had felt that this was the true love experience that I had been looking for all my life. It wasn't.
I was so upset and felt so alone that first day. My friends and family have rallied around me and shown me that I am not alone. Now I know I do not need to worry about losing love, as I have found more in the past few days than I ever dreamed possible. I want to thank everyone who has come over to sit with me, bring me wine at night, bring me coffee in the morning, bring my favourite flowers and bring me back up. I am so grateful to you all. Now, my tears are those of gratitude.
Did I ever expect this to happen? No. Do I feel that I will get through this and go on to one day find my true love? I do.


Fin said...

We do too! But we're sorry you have to go through this difficult time. Mom sends hugs and I send purrs.

Carrie Blogshaw said...

Thank you, Fin. I am so grateful to my friends, family and followers. I am feeling the love!

alliecat said...

That's terrible, I'm so sorry. I have no other words. xo

It's nice to hear you have otherwise been surrounded by love and support.

Carrie Blogshaw said...

Thanks, Alliecat. At this point, I can see that it was for the best.
Thanks for the well wishes!