Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Twang: A Novel by John Schlimm

It’s time for another book review and giveaway, y’all!
Twang: A Novel is written by John Schlimm, a former country music publicist. Schlimm has drawn upon his experience to pen this provocative publication.

The story weaves together the intriguing lives of fictional country music superstars in a Nashville that is nastier and naughtier than one might expect. The character that ties the lives together is Billie Blotter, a famous columnist for Country Crooners Magazine. He has earned the trust of Nashville’s elite, but is he about to turn that trust into the biggest tabloid take of the century?
The central storyline revolves around the Field Sisters, two of country music’s biggest superstars. Older sister Salome is totally over the top and the diva of the pairing. Younger sibling Willa, the true musical talent with a velvet voice, begrudgingly participates in Salome’s desperate need to remain at the top of the charts. The duo perform outrageous shows for their faithful followers, the Field Hands, that are often followed by legendary fights. On top of raging sibling rivalry, Salome has a salacious secret that, if leaked, could separate the sisters forever.
In Hollywood (or, Hollywacked, as Salome says), we learn the tawdry truth about Ashley Field, mega movie star and son of Salome. Between box office sizzles (and, lately, fizzles), partying at premieres and frequent fornication (with only the hottest models and actresses), can Ashley manage to maintain his image or will he fall victim to his lascivious lifestyle?
Back in Nashville, Hope Tanner and Thad Evans are the hottest country music couple since Tim and Faith or Blake and Miranda. Hope plans to make an announcement sure to shock everyone. Will Thad, recently distracted and totally tempermental, eclipse Hope’s hype with a rocking revelation of his own?
Amidst all of the delish drama is Nat Oldham, former beauty queen and current persevering publicist. Nat, not busy enough managing the culminating careers of the Field Sisters or working on her moribund marriage, prefers to catapult new band The Border Babes to superstardom. Will the Babes bring Nat the recognition she so desperately desires?

Drama. Romance. Secrets. Celebrity.
For anyone who enjoys TMZ, gossip rags or E!, this rousing read is for you. Try to put it down as Schlimm weaves the storylines tightly together into a saucy and stimulating summer read. Will you guess the secrets before they are revealed? Will you develop an insatiable interest in the lives of country crooners?? Will you be able to put down this provocative page-turner and carry on with the details of daily life???

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