Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Daddy = Big Cokehead?!

Well, well, well...  Maybe that explains his behaviour!  Imagine my shock and horror when a mutual friend of mine and Big Daddy's, told me that he suspects cocaine use (due to recent frazzled encounters).  Who knew?!  Certainly not me!
Now, I'm no angel, however I am no junkie!  Never having tried cocaine, I had to refer to the internet to check the signs of use:
* Impaired Thinking - This might explain why he took off so abruptly after declaring me the "love of his life"
* Confusion - Clearly he was very confused!
* Depression - Saw a touch of that - seemed inapropriate to the situation at hand.  Especially considering it was Valentines Day.  Pull it together!
* Sleeplessness - The man kept me up all night long wanting to cuddle or watch tv.  I thought he might be a vampire...
* Loss Of Appetite - I wish he suffered from that - he was starting to get a bit fat!
* Decresed Sexual Appetite - Definitely not a symptom that he suffered
* Restlessness - He was like a kid in a candy store when we were together, however I thought his intense interest and desire to do 20 things at once with me was flattering...
* Very Talkative - Yes, he could talk the talk but didn't end up walking the walk.  How typical!
Well, we may never know for sure, however it seems that it's a distinct possibility that I was delusionally dating a doped-up druggie! 

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Bits and Bobs said...

Hi! I'm pretty excited to come across your page. Your name alone is awesome!