Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meat Market Madness

"You know, Carrie, it doesn't get any easier to meet men as you get older."
~ June Cleaver Blogshaw, 2002
Yes, another famous quote from my mother.  And yes, again, she was right. 
This weekend, my sexy single partner in crime, Mademoiselle, and I went out on the town.  After a divine dinner, we went to a bar for some drinks and dancing.  In the lineup, we met a duo of dudes and started chatting.  Mademoiselle had her eye on one and I, therefore, ended up stuck with The Friend (known as such because I am now so old and deaf that I can't hear over loud music).  After trying many different strategies to relieve myself of The Friend (including ignoring him, dancing with other guys and at one sad point, running away), I started downing drinks like a champ.  Like I used to..  When I was younger... 
By the end of the evening, I had dined, drank and danced with the best of them.  Mademoiselle and I met lots of new guys, however none ended up being promising prospects.  The next day, I woke up  with the most horrible hangover ever.  I felt worse and worse as the day wore on.  I had to skip my gym class, cancel my hair cut and missed out on rooftop drinks (oh, I could still barf!).  What's worse?  Halfway through the day I had a flashback of making out with someone.  But which one?!  I'm pretty sure, through my foggy haze, that it was The Friend.  People, I made out with someone and I don't even know his name! 
If this is what it takes to meet men these days, I'm screwed.  At my age and stage, I need to find ways to meet men where I can be sober (or slightly buzzed, that's always fun...), where I have the use of all my senses, where it doesn't cost a minimum of $100 and where I won't lose an entire day for recovery.  Cheers!

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