Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Much Information

How much is too much? How far can you go?? What is the maximum tolerance for information overload??? This post is inspired by the fact that, when driving around doing errands this afternoon (which included buying stupidly expensive, yet super sexy, Jil Sander black leather boots), I saw a couple in a minivan behind me (the minivan denotes that there is already something terribly wrong in their relationship). It gets worse. The woman was looking out the window with an expression on her face that convinced me she might be thinking of that window as an escape route. Her lovely mate, the one from whome she rightly should consider fleeing, was picking his nose. With gusto. Right in front of her. I almost barfed.

Still being in the luvved up phase of a relationship, G Spot and I are not rocking the boat by being disgusting in front of each other. At least, not intentionally. Of course, things happen that sometimes render one disgusting, such as the swine flu-like illness that I suffered from a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to disgust G Spot, but I was legitimately ill and it was hard not to cough all over him in a hacking, phlegmy-kind of way. Unfortunate? Yes. Intentional? No.

My question is, at what point, if ever, do people start grossing each other out in relationships? Can relationships really stand it? I knew a strange couple in my university years – they called each other PooPoo and used to think it was funny if they farted on each other, etc… I understand that it’s good to be comfortable in a relationship, but surely there is a limit. My mother, the excessively proper June Cleaver Blogshaw, has never farted in front of Ward. Ever. They have remained married for 35 years. The PooPoo farting couple? They broke up.

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The Peach Tart said...

I think there's some things that should be kept to yourself and bodily functions are one of them.