Monday, January 4, 2010

Discriminating Dating

What an uplifting story to start the new year..... According to The Telegraph (click on title above for link), a discriminating dating site called Beautiful People, has kicked thousands of members off their site due to the extra pounds they accumulated over the holidays. Wow. Getting through the holidays can be hard enough (seriously - I challenge any of you to spend the holidays with my mother and come out of it without developing a twitch, neurosis or intense insecurity...). Having to deal with being kicked off a dating site for beautiful people must be a bewildering blow.

In an attempt to keep members motivated over the holidays, my gym put posters up warning us that the average person puts on 7 pounds over the holidays. At first, I balked. How could that be possible? Then I encountered my aunt's homemade cheesecake... Needless to say, I doubt that my ass will ever look the same as it did before the holidays. Although I indulged, I am now back at the gym full force and hope to be fitter soon. As, I'm certain, the thousands of disgraced "fatties" intend to do also.

These so-called Beautiful People (I'll be the judge of that, thanks...) should be ashamed of themselves. First of all, gaining a few extra pounds in the wintertime can help protect the body against frigid and unholy temperatures. Also, as I can attest, having a little junk in the trunk can soften the blow when slipping on ice and landing on your can. Second of all, what do they think will happen next? Do they think this will motivate the munching members?? This added stress may send the peckish posse to further despair!

My thoughts on the business practices of the Beautiful People dating site? Get stuffed!


Anonymous said...

That was so crazy! Plus imagine a business that could afford to discard 5000 customers1

LOSER PAUL said...

Hello! :)