Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your Cheatin' Heart

Seriously – what the eff is going on here??? I’ve never heard as much about cheating in my life as I have in the past few months. My first exposure to a cheating scandal was in my youth, when Price Charles famously two-timed Princess Diana with “the rottweiler” Camilla Parker-Bowles. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, then came Hugh Grant’s famous fellatio scenario with the lovely and demure Divine Brown.

News of wrecked romances dominate the headlines in Hollywood. The amount of cheating that’s been going on since the golden age of entertainment can’t possibly compare to the insane amount of philandering that’s happening now. Lately, we had the David Letterman scandal, followed closely by the Tiger Woods scandal. Aterwards, Jesse James. Now, Larry King. For f*ck’s sake, even Larry King can get it whenever he wants it. Jeez!

Now, I take issue with the convenient excuse of these cheeky cheaters suffering from “sex addiction.” Riiight. I do believe that it must be really hard for famous men to resist the temptation of hot, young girls (or even semi-hot, older women) throwing themselves in their direction. It must be tough. However, if it’s so easy to give in to temptation, then why are these guys getting married? Perhaps, if they are going to be surrounded by hotties all their lives, they should just go for it and forget about commitment. Even Hugh Hefner agrees and has been quoted as saying “...this whole idea that it’s a sex addiction is a cop-out.” When Hef’s not supporting that notion, you know it’s crap!

Let’s put this in terms that I can relate to. I will admit to having a weakness for, if not tall, dark & handsome men, then definitely, shopping. Let’s say that every time I left my house there were throngs of beautiful shoes, handbags and dresses waiting for me… I have a penchant for such things and would likely find it difficult to walk past the temptation all the time without eventually giving in. I’d be the best dressed b*tch on the block…

Ladies, do you think it’s possible for a man to be faithful throughout an entire relationship? If women like Princess Di, Elizabeth Hurley and Sandra Bullock can’t keep a man’s attention, can we?

Men, is it out of the realm of possibility to be faithful to a woman within a committed relationship for its entirety? Are these famous philanderers exceptions to commitment or is Tiger’s woody simply famous because it got caught?!

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Jenny Jen said...

The list just keeps on growing honey. We now have David Boreanaz to add to the ever-growing cheating nest.

Now the one thing we've learned from all this overly reported (yet equally entertaining) men cheating around in Hollywood thing, is that it doesn't matter how famous, powerful or beautiful the woman is.

When Halle split with her first main man due to his wandering eyes, women around the nation felt a sense of fear: If someone can cheat on Halle, there's no hope in hell they won't cheat on me.

I think the thing behind the cheating isn't about the woman they are deceiving it's about a need for attention, because there is something missing in their current relationship.

Have you checked out some of the ladies that Jesse James and Tiger Woods hooked up with? Not the hottest girls of the bunch. It isn't about looks, nor is it about sex addiction. It seems to be a need that is being fulfilled.