Monday, April 12, 2010

Out of sight, out of mind?

Nope! Look at us grow! Yep, my worldly lover, G Spot and I took a mini break together to the beautiful, exciting, expensive and expansive city of New York. The trip involved a lot of careful planning and itinerary-arranging on my part (apparently this is an area of great challenge for most men...), but it was well worth it. Knowing that we can travel together without incident (or insolence) is a nice lesson learned. Phew!

After our successful city tour, I continued on to a week long vacay with Ward and June at Shady Pines in Sunny Southern State. It was a fabulous and much needed vacation, especially considering the copious amount of careful planning and itinerary-arranging that I had been up to for weeks before... Now, G Spot and I have been separated by vacations before, but this time was really tough. After a few days of soaking up the sun by the pool and checking out the sad state of silver foxes driving bright red, convertible Mercedes while checking out their neighbours daughters (ew!), the pangs of absence became pronounced. Things worsened throughout the remainder of the trip. By the last day, although the thought of having to leave to go back to real life was dissatisfactory the thought of not being able to connect with my G Spot for another day (I know, I know!!!), was too much to bear.

Contrary to many of my past dating experiences, I was actually looking forward to seeing G Spot when I returned. We had a nice reunion at the really romantic airport terminal (where I was sweating like a whore at customs trying to smuggle all my vacay loot into Cosmopolitan City) and great sex afterwards, proving that not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but abstinence makes the heart grow fonder, too!


EBJ said...

"... bright red, convertible Mercedes.." That sounds like rich people in Texas. I notice that you put an E-MAIL ME over Fort Worth. You wouldn't have been exiling yourself in the pine barrens of TX!? If you're in Dallas I would check out Illusions in the Oaklawn neighborhood. A friend of mine said he got a good cow poke poke in the men's room there. The ladies in Dallas-Ft Worth all want rings with giant diamonds. Do you have friends in NYC?

Rebecca said...
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Carrie Blogshaw said...

EBJ, twice a year I choose to exile myself in the genial and geriatric sunny southern state of FL, though I'm intrigued by the prospect of "cow pokes" in the bar bathrooms of TX!
Unfortunately, I don't have friends in NYC, which is why I had to bring my bestie!
How do you find travelling with a lover?