Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Body Language of Liars

We've all heard it. We've all seen it. Now, we're going to decode it. According to the relationship researchers at Cosmopolitan Magazine, there are 4 main moves that can help us catch a liar in his tracks. Men, start sweating. Ladies, here the most common ways to help spot a lurking liar:
* He wraps his ankle around the leg of a chair ~ When a guy is masking the truth, his body will physically seize up. Wrapping his ankle around a chair leg is a way of restraining himself - like he's trying to refrain from telling you the truth. The upside of this chair stance? The possibility of him not being able to extricate himself from said position or, even better, the chance of the liar tripping over said leg...
* He suddenly puts his hands in his pockets ~ When a man is walking around with his hands stuffed down there, I usually come up with a different conclusion. However, in the case of liars (and not wankers), the hiding of the hands represents his discomfort and lack of openness.
* He shrugs one or both shoulders ~ What if he has a bad shoulder? A tick?? What if he's trying to bust a move??? If he practices this while issuing a definitive statement (such as "I did not sleep with her"), it's his way of cancelling out the untruth, as if he were crossing his fingers behind his back. Ugh.
* He uses his index finger to rub just underneath his nose ~ Apparently, this is a sign of remorse right after living the lie. My question is, how are we supposed to distinguish if our man is a liar, a sinus sufferer, an itch-reliever or a hard core coke user???!!!

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mindes said...

I am glad to see this as I do every one of those things all the time.

Lying or not.

This explains why women wish not to date me, I give off a liar vibe.

Thank you for bringing this untruthful habits to my attention, I shall be a better person for it now.