Monday, October 11, 2010

15 Jobs With The Highest Divorce Rate

Yowza. This info is brought to us by the relationship researchers at Cosmopolitan Magazine, so we know it's legit. Amazingly, Hollywood actors, Grammy winners and pro golfers are not on the list. Here are the occupations of people that are most likely to become divorcees:

* Maids and Housekeepers ~ I guess they're so sick of picking up other peoples' sh*t, they can't be bothered to do it for someone else at home. Fair enough.
* Roofers ~ A job that allows them to see what goes on under everyone else's rooves. Perhaps the grass really is greener...
* Waiters ~ They sure get to meet lots of hotties who are out for a night on the town... Did Bartenders make the list???
* Telemarketers ~ Well, they are the most annoying people ever.
* Baggage Porters and Concierges ~ Can't they be faithful? I thought their opportunities for infidelity only happened in movies.
* Entertainers and Performers, Sports and related workers ~ I think that's just a general list of ALL ENTERTAINERS. Forget what I just said above. They'll all move on.
* Nursing, Psychiatric and Home Health Aides ~ Why? Because their jobs suck and you'll tire of hearing about it.
* Telephone Operators ~ Seriously???!!! I didn't know that job still exists! Perhaps, because no one calls them any more, they've become socially awkward...
* Factory Workers: Food and Tobacco ~ Perhaps being surrounded by nosh and smokes all day long creates a hedonistic environment that leads to cheating and, therefore, divorce?!
* Gaming Service Worker ~ Wait a minute - I thought they were lucky to find even one woman?!
* Extruding Machine Operators ~ Doe this refer to all men???!!!
* Gaming Cage Worker ~ Does anyone know what this is?
* Massage Therapists ~ Fair enough. Everyone wants a piece of that action.
* Bartenders ~ Finally! Refer to what I said under "Waiter" and multiply it by 1,000.
* Dancers and Choreographers ~ Sexy partners. Sexy moves.. Sexy costumes... Super sexy choreography.... Dirty dancing and divorce go together like Waiters and divorce; Like Gamers and divorce; Like Bartenders and divorce; Like...yeesh!

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