Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is 35 Too Old To Wear A Miniskirt?

Ummmmmm.... No!

In a survey of the age-apropriateness of fashion performed by Diet Chef, 2000 British women (who were these prudes?!) agreed that 35 is too old to wear a miniskirt. Please excuse me while I barf...

I don't understand the results of this study. More importantly, I don't agree with the results of this study. Perhaps the 2000 women are all well over the age of 35. Perhaps the 2000 women suffer from vericose veins?? Perhaps the 2000 women suffer from orange-peely-looking thighs that are pocked with cellulite??? Whoever these rude respondents are, they clearly aren't 35 and wanting to wear miniskirts. Who is 35 and wanting to wear miniskirts? Me.

Why do I still wear minis at this age and stage? First off, I have great legs. I was taught, as a girl, to showcase my best assets. Why not? Secondly, I am newly single. It's almost summer. Short skirts are going to be my new best friends for the next little while. Even in the winter, however, I am still a big fan of the short skirt. When I was last single, I used to make jokes with my seamstress, asking her to take my skirts up to "boyfriend length." Even in relationships, I am still a fan of "boyfriend length" skirts. Guess what? So are my boyfriends.

The real question that they should have asked the 2000 haters is this: Is 41 too old to wear a miniskirt? Based on the picture of J. Lo above, I think the answer would be No. Has anyone seen a picture of Jennifer Aniston in a short skirt lately? If so, then we all know that 42 isn't too old to wear a miniskirt, either. Seriously, it depends on the woman and on the legs. In some sad cases, 18 can be too old to wear a miniskirt based on the situation going on... In my opinion, there is only one sexy singleton who should be able to put an age on miniskirt apropriateness: Tina Turner!

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