Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Guys Really Think: 10 Traits That Make Him Cringe

Are they or aren't they? Picky, that is. Mostly, men seem to be thought of as being far less choosy than their female counterparts, however new research suggests that dudes really do care more than we think. According to relationship researcher Jane Hoskyn, there are 10 traits that turn men off. Take note of the following success saboteurs:
1. Wearing Too Much Makeup - One of the reasons that I am not currently a lesbian (having given it much thought recently) is that I cannot picture myself making out with someone who's wearing makeup. A little bit of lip gloss and eyeshadow? Fabulous. A smokey eye, thick mascara, buckets of blush and lashings of lippy? Forget it.
2. Playing Hard To Get - Playing coy? Cute. Playing as hard to capture as a slipper koi fish? So common and cliche.
3. Being On A Diet - Being fit and fabulous? Sexy. Being fragile, feeble and faint? Not so spicy.
4. Curvalicious Clothes - Got a bangin' bod? Wear clothes that flatter your figure and make him want to see more of your curves. Got a barely clad butt? Wear trainers so that you can chase him as he runs away.
5. Being One Of The Boys - Burping, farting and football? No, no and no.
6. Inflated Boobs - Big, small, pushed up, pressed down, round, oblong or zeppelin-like? No problem. Got ghoulish, ghastly globes? Not interested.
7. Fake Tan - Have you seen Jersey Shore? 'Nuff said.
8. Shyness - Confidence is the new cute. Arrogance is the new cue to leave.
9. Being An Anti-Career Girl - Got a great job? Your enthusiasm will be infectious. Got a horrible job you hate? Your lack of enthusiasm will be like an infectious disease.
10. Letting Him Do All The Talking - What makes you interesting? Your fabulous job, friends, family and joie de vivre. What makes him interesting? The fact that he's chosen you!

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