Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Many Women Does It Take To Date One Man?

No, there is no punchline, because this is not a joke!

If the guy I'm currently dating only knew how many women he's actually dating, he'd be quite the self-imagined stud. I admit that the current state of our 'relationship' is confusing. I admit that I played a part due to a lack of communication and initation. Now, I am left wondering where we're at. Still, I am wondering if it's even crossed his mind.

So, who is he dating? Well, besides me, he is dating my best mates (both married and single, gay and straight), my mother, my brother, my aunt and even one of my neighbours. If that isn't enough, he'd probably be surprised to know that he's also having a relationship with my therapist, my reiki master, my physician and my boss. Who is he not having a relationship with? Me!

Any thoughts, people?! Yeesh...


Girlie Blogger said...

He sounds like quite a guy.

Carrie Blogshaw said...

Oh, Girlie Blogger, I hear you. Ugh!