Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Sliquid Silk (My New Favourite Thing)

Mmm Hmm! I am very pleased (and boy, was I ever pleased) to write my first sex toy review!

I was very generously awarded with Sliquid Silk, a sexy tube of lube from my friends at EdenFantasys. Having just started a new relationship, it took a while for me to get the chance to actually use it, but now that I did, I’ll never go back.

Sliquid Silk is pure sexual luxury in a bottle. This personal lubricant offers up a whole new set of sensations for both you and your partner (or for your own solo escapades). It has that “Je ne c’est quois” that other lubes just don’t have. You and your partner will look at each other wondering “How did they do that?” As the name implies, it miraculously feels like liquid silk and you will find yourself repeatedly grabbing the bottle to use more. Additionally, it is completely tolerable when it finds it way into your mouth and most importantly, it leaves no aftertaste. Sliquid Silk is an easy, inexpensive way to change things up in the bedroom and is a great way to surprise your partner.

I am very pleased to have formed a relationship not only with my luxurious new lube, but also with EdenFantasys. I encourage you, my randy readers, to check out their website and all of the fun, flirty fabulousness that is for sale. Offering online shopping (for those of you who like to protect your privacy) and great deals, there’s still time to hook yourseves up for the holidays!

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