Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mancation Validation

If I had any doubts over the past 3 weeks whether being on mancation was the right decision, I certainly got my answer on the weekend. In a moment of weakness, I decided to put my profile back on Useless Dating Site just in case Big Daddy happened to be back online and might see it. Mature, I know... Anyhoo, after receiving winks, smiles and ridiculous emails from men who say they are forty but are really sixty, who refuse to wear tops, who are in love with their dogs or who can't even hide in their crazy-eyed photos that they are serial killers, I received an email from someone who seemed different. Normal. Adventurous. Outgoing. Successful. After some emails back and forth and phone tag, I received the following message on a beautiful Sunday morning in Cosmpolitan City:
Him: Hey Carrie, Can we set a date to meet for a date? Lol. Would you be interested in getting together over the next few days? What would work for you? Have a wonderful morning.
Wow! What a great text to receive on a gorgeous day after a relaxing yoga class. My response:
CB: This week is pooched for me (why does everyone always want to go out in the same week?!). I have plans Sat night but could meet you before if that works.
The ridiculous reply:
Him: Next Saturday? Lol.. Ok I'm giving that a one in ten for happening... if I fall that far back on your list then I would prefer just to say goodbye. Take care and good luck! The truth is we will both have a few dates before then and I will have much more to go on with someone else who isn't so busy... you understand I am sure. Have a great day.
Ummm... 'Scuse me? Doesn't everyone have a busy week every now and again?? And isn't Saturday night traditionally date night anyways???
CB: I'm serious - I have plans with friends and no other dates planned - it's just a busy week. Enjoy this lovely day.
Like, how else was I supposed to sign off? I certainly didn't expect to hear from him again. Until this:
Him: Lol... wow can you please say more nice and wonderful things to make me more interested? What are you thinking texting me this crap? Lol... good luck to you I'm no longer interested... maybe the third week in May I'll have time for you lol what a joke.
In a case like this, though I'm completely anonymous on this site, I would like to name names just to save other sexy singletons in Cosmopolitan City from this guy. I have never received such a harsh, aggressive and nasty communication like this. I was offering him a date that was 6 days away! Don't men usually run and hide from needy women with no lives?!
I keep thinking to myself - imagine if we'd met up and circumstances had been different and we'd gotten along and started dating. Then, what if I did something to really p*ss him off! Would he kill me?! Psychopath.
Although incredibly unfortunate, that was probably karma's way of telling me to get my caution tape dress back on and remain on mancation. Perhaps indefinitely!

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