Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Mancation

Welcome to my mancation. I will be on mancation for the entire month of March. And possibly beyond. What is mancation, you wonder? Well, let me define it for you:
Mancation (man-kay-shun) noun:
1. A period of suspension of all dating related activities, to be used for rest, relaxation and time to undue the psychological trauma brought on from the act of dating.
2. Freedom or release from the duty of trying to find a normal boyfriend.
3. A total lack of kissing, making out or sex. But due to the need for a mancation, you're probably not in the mood anyway.

Got it?! Since my latest relationship, with Big Daddy, bit the big one, I've decided that I need to take some time off. I've been working hard at dating and trying to find a nice, normal boyfriend, however my attempts continue to be thwarted by confusing and frustrating male behaviour. Do I still want to find a loving partner? Absolutely! This month? Not so much. I'm hoping that a brief interlude from the soul-sucking singles scene will provide me with a renewed perspective, perseverance and pain relief.
Lets break down the cost of my mancation: Therapy sessions to deal with my emotional drama: $110/hr. Self help books to try to understand his baby mama drama: $17.50 (plus shipping & handling). Australian shiraz to dull the pain: $19. The absence of bullsh*t bad boy behaviour: priceless!

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