Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The C Word

Someone threw the C word at me today. It was a terrifying experience. It shook me to my core. I was shaky, sweaty and heard the buzzing sound in my ears which usually indicates that I'm about to pass out. Although it was a joke, I didn't really find it funny - I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to THAT word... that dreaded C word..... COUGAR. I hate it with a passion. Grrrrr..........
My greatest fear is that someone will call me a cougar and mean it. When I was younger, I thought that any single woman over 30 who wore leopard print, huge gold earrings with matching necklaces, stilettos and faded denim complimented by blue eyeshadow, bright red lipstick and excessive amounts of fake tan was a cougar. Although I do not fit this description in the wardrobe or makeup sense, I am now over thirty and single. Now that I see my contemporaries in the same boat, I feel that the average age for a cougar is now 40 or over. This number increases as I age... I have a distaste for younger men, so technically I may never fall into this dreaded category (even if I was wearing leopard, red lipstick, stilettos and faded denim...), but still.... I HATE that word. So for any of you who are single and over 40 with a penchant for younger men, please beware of this season's fashion trends towards animal skins of all sorts (cheetah, leopard, zebra) - it's dangerous territory!

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