Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fag Hag

Yes, I've spent some time in that role. I love it. I love my gay friends and cherish my relationship with one person in particular, who acted as my "gay boyfriend" for two years while I lived abroad. However, when I got back I met the man of my dreams. If I could have drawn the perfect man, it would have looked just like him. He was gorgeous, tall, smart, funny, successfull, worldly and the most masculine man I'd ever met. I'd seen a psychic years before who had predicted that I would meet someone with a particular background, and this guy had that background. It was bizarre but so exciting. We met a few times but nothing ever happened and then he moved away for work. Still, a common friend continued to try to set us up, as we'd seemed like such a good match. This never worked out.
I have been crushing on this man on and off for 3 years, hoping that one day he would move back to the country and we could begin our romance (which had been building up in my head for too long). I got a call from our mutual friend this week to let me know why it was always so hard to set the two of us up.... The guy is gay.
I've been crushing on a gay guy for 3 years.
On a positive note, although it's a cruel loss for women (myself in particular), it's one hell of a gain for the dudes!

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