Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dating Against Type

I have a type, I can't seem to help it. I like tall, dark and handsome men. I know some people who have a type and some who don't. I definitely do. In order to change things up, I tried dating a blonde (ended up being a bad experience) and a ginger (also bad). A friend once criticized me for not being more open to different types, so when I had the opportunity to go short, fat, bald..... I did!
It was ridiculous. We looked silly together and he was so nervous on our second date that he ended up choking on his wine. After a long dinner with strained conversation and fighting horrible images of what our children might look like, I was not the first person in the restaurant to get up to help him out. He lived.
The moral of this story is that attraction is ingrained. I suppose that my attraction to tall, dark, handsome and older men may have something to do with my father, but I'd prefer not to go there.... I think it's a great idea to date different types and try new things but at this point, I'm also okay with sticking to what I like.

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