Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I met HIS fockers...

… and it went pretty well. They seem like nice fockers. I’ve been in so many dead-end relationships over the past few years that I haven’t had to deal with fockers much lately... Now that G Spot and I are close enough that we want to torture each other by subjecting ourselves to our respective peeps and fockers, we’re opening a can of worms… What will happen when one of us introduces the other to someone that we can’t stand? And you know, without doubt, that this will happen. How do I know this? Experience. Not only have I dated people in the past who come from questionable fockers, my parents each happen to detest most of the other’s fockers.

So, my question is…… At what point can one begin to be honest about disliking their partners peeps/fockers? Is there a time frame?? A certain strength of relationship??? A certain number of exposures before one can comment fairly???? All of the above?

My mother, the difficult yet endearing June Cleaver Blogshaw, waited until she was married to Ward (my father, from a family of incredibly difficult personalities and a son in law who’s crazier than a rat in a tin sh*t house…), before she told him how much she disliked his sister. And his brother-in-law. And his cousin(s). Ward also waited until they were married to tell my mother how much he disliked her mother. And sister. And father. Jeez! Seems like a lot of personality clashes, but isn’t it better to have it out in the open? I am of that opinion. If G Spot doesn’t like my peeps (for good reason), I would be understanding and try to keep exposure to the offensive fockers at a minimum. I’m hoping he would do the same for me. I think it’s better to be honest about this up front instead of (like in the movie) discreetly trying to flush offensive family members down the toilet at social gatherings….. Your thoughts???


JennAventures said...

I am really enjoying your blog, but I have to warn you...openess about parents isn't a good thing. I'm sitting on that sticky wicket right now.

anderson said...

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Michelle Custodio said...

I think (if you've been dating for a while) that you should be honest about your feelings. Don't be hurtful; but it's easier if your other half knows where you're coming from.