Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've Still Got It!

One of the hardest parts of any break up is dealing with the horrible feeling of rejection. In my case, it was less of a rejection and more of G No being unable to operate at my level, but I digress... After he took off, I worried that I might not meet someone new. That I might not be a desirable partner for someone better.. That I might have lost my touch...
About one month ago, I went on my first date in over 2 years. I had performance anxiety, as I felt I had become a bit of an expert in my serial dating experience before meeting G No. Could I still be smart, funny and charming on a date? Could I still attract a man?? Could I achieve second date status??? I met up with a very nice guy. We had a lovely date and I was all of those things. I was exhausted that night, but he was impressed by my energy. Again, phew! Unfortunately, I did not feel a connection with him and when he asked for a second date, I had to turn him down. He was cool about it, so it ended up being a very nice first exposure back into the scene.
Two weeks ago, I went out with one of my bff's and we ended up at a banker bar in Cosmopolitan City. Within 5 minutes, two fabulous guys had asked to join us. We ended up having an amazing evening together. I was happy and relieved to know that I attracted a smart, funny, intelligent, successful and attractive man. Phew!
This weekend, we had another girls night out. We ended up at a fun bar that plays good music. I had consumed a few too many glasses of bubbly, but was approached and spent the evening talking to and dancing with a nice guy, whose name I unfortunately can't remember (yes, it was that kind of evening). I'm kind of hoping that he won't call simply because I don't remember his name or how we said goodbye...
I don't know if I'm ready to date seriously yet. It's still early days. I don't need a rebound romance right now, I need to take the necessary time to heal so that I will be ready for the real thing when it comes around. I am trying to spend my time with my fabulous friends and if men continue to show interest, then I'm open. My goal for the summer is to relax in the country on weekends and pursue interests, fitness and fun nights out during the week. If I can fit dating in, then so be it, but it is not a priority for me right now. Still, at the very least, I know I've still got it!

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