Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Get Physical

Ahhh, the physical pain that acts as a rude reminder of how long it's been since you got some...

After a particularly arousing makeout session with the current dreamy guy, I woke up the next day with aches and pains all over. Where were these aches and pains, you wonder? Well, my arms and shoulders were sore (from supporting myself from not falling into him, which might not have been so bad...), I had a crick in my neck from where we fell asleep with our heads together (awww...) and I had tremendous inner thigh pain (from squeezing his sexy bod between my legs). It was stimulating. It was exciting. It brought me out of my sexual coma. Yes!

Trainers say that the best way to beat muscle aches and pains is to continue the exercise. Done. And let me say - the pain is good!


bluemoon said...

That's the kind of pain I could get used to. As it is, I experience it periodically and mourn its loss when its gone! ;)

Carrie Blogshaw said...

Bluemoon, I am treasuring every ache and pain these days. Like the experts say, the more I've practiced, the less it hurts :)