Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seriously Seeking Mr. Darcy

Over the past few months, I have been unsure regarding what lies out there for me in the realm of romance. I have wondered if I will stay single, go on to meet Mr. Right, or go on to meet Mr. MaybeThisIsn'tRightButItsWhatsOutThereForMe. Right.

Today, I was stirred and surprised to find that the local womens television network was showing Bridget Jones's Diary. Again. This was great, because I'd only seen it 127 times and hadn't memorized all the lines yet. Now, I have. This movie has always tugged at my heartstrings. By that, I mean that I am in floods of tears by the end of the film, desperately longing to find a lover like Mark Darcy. How fabulous would it be to be with a man who will buy you a new journal so that you can record new, happy events from the start of your relationship? Who would give up a pricey post in a new city to remain with you in yours?? Who would look at you lovingly while you whip up a disgusting dinner of blue string soup and congealed green gunge???

My hope has been renewed that maybe, someday, I will go on to find my Mark Darcy. Who will find my antics amusing. Who will love my wobbly bits. Who will wrap me up in his overcoat as I run to him (sporting seasonally inapropriate attire) after a major misunderstanding in a busy, snowy street.

Daniel Cleaver? Been there, done that. Mark Darcy? Don't mind if I do!

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