Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr Right? Mr Right Now?? Mr Right On slap and tickle wham bam thank you ma’am now get the hell out of my flat???

Am I ever loving the latest issue of Elle Canada (click on title above for link to related article)! The author of the article that has my attention claims to have figured out 7 signs that a man is a keeper. 7 signs – imagine that! I feel lucky if I can ever find 1 or 2 signs, so she must have found a great one to have had the luck to score on 7 dimensions of worthiness! She also took the time to identify 3 signs that show he’s not a keeper. These are 3 signs that I am all too familiar with:

*He cares more about himself than about you/your relationship

*He treats you like dirt

*He can’t keep his eyes off other women

Now, please see below for the 7 signs/reasons why you should NOT be kicking him out of bed for eating crackers:

HE KEEPS AGREEMENTS – This is a biggie. “If your man says he will be there to pick you up after your marathon spa session -- he will be, no ifs ands or buts. If he is going to be late, he will do the courteous thing and call to let you know. He'll be there -- so don't be late! He's also the kind of guy who won't ditch you for plans with his buddies. You can rely on him to do what he commits to.” I like it.

HE’S EMOTIONALLY MATURE & RESPONSIBLE – For this I have little firsthand experience. “He's not the type to blame others, or circumstances for life situations. He accepts accountability for his actions and is willing to self-examine, take responsibility and grow personally. When it comes to finishing up some work or procrastinating by watching a football game, he's going to get the work done first, then watch the game. While every man has a bit of the "boy" in him, he is all man when it really counts. He's a man who can look after himself (he can cook, do his laundry, hold down a job and keep his finances in track -- all without help from you).” Sign me up.

HE’S HONEST – Honesty is SO sexy and SO hard to come by. “You're not going to catch your guy in a lie. If he is out having fun with his guy friends, then he tells you and treats you with respect. Not only does he treat people fairly and honestly, he lives by a code of ethics that demonstrates his integrity.”

HE LOVES BEING WITH YOU – “He really wants to be with you to share time and experiences with you, even if that means heading to the mall to ponder the sales. He is happy to hear your voice, get an email from you when he's at work, and his face lights up when he sees you. It's great to be wanted and he can't hide how he feels about you.” If I can find a man who could keep up with me during one of my shopaholic, credit card-busting mall marathons, I’ll bow at his feet every night.

HE’S A COMMUNICATOR – “…he actually listens to your side of the story, not just nodding his head or impatiently waiting for his turn to talk. He should be genuinely interested in what you have to say, whether chatting about fave movies or having an argument. Conversely, he will expect you to do the same when it is his time to talk!” I’m getting turned on.

HE HAS A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS - "Ever hear the saying that if you see how a man treats his mother you will know how he will treat you? Well, it's true. And while every family has ups and downs, seeing your man stand tall and be supportive of his family is a good sign he's one to hang on to, because he will do the same for you.” We want them to have good relationships with friends and family (especially with moms and sisters, but not to have a TOOCLOSE relationship with mom, such as The Alcoholic Workaholic, who used to sleep IN THE SAME BED with his mother when she went to visit...).

HE IS EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE & CONFIDENT – “He's not afraid to tell you exactly how he feels. He will be emotionally available to you because he trusts you and he loves you. He won't get upset if you tell him you think Brad Pitt is sexy (and you shouldn't when he says he thinks Scarlett Johanson is sexy!). He knows you love him and is confident about the strength of your relationship. Now that's a real keeper!” Yep - I think I just came!

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