Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clothes Men Love But Women Hate

Yes!!! Further to the post below on the clothes that women love but men hate, the tables have now been turned. I love it when that happens! Due to popular demand by women after our faves were trashed by the lifestyle gurus at, a list of the most offensive male attire has been published. See below for highlights:

* Mandals ~ Hell, no! There is nothing worse than a man in sandals. I cannot tell you what a bigger turnoff would be for me, save for a man in socks and sandals. I feel sick just thinking about it. Ew. Any man who dares to wear sandals after this post has been published must only do so after having a proper pedicure, which means that no man will be seen wearing sandals ever again. Phew!
* Muscle Tops and Sleeveless Undershirts ~ The wifebeater denotes a few things: the fact that one might actually be a wife beater; trailer park; laziness (is it that hard to put on a shirt?). Don't kill the mystery for us - we want to imagine the bulging biceps beneath those sexy long sleeves and then be disappointed after.
* Ed Hardy Shirts ~ Women just don't like having men be more blinged out than us. It's like wearing something bedazzled or fringed and for the love of gawd, if Jon Gosselin is all over it, you just know its wrong.
*Baggy Pants ~ Seriously. Just look at the picture above. What's going wrong here? Loaded diaper? Poopy pants?? Ass reduction surgery??? Yeesh.


Anonymous said...

But I like men is sandals!! Of course with properly groomed feet but I think sandals look WAAAY better than anything else with shorts...AND...the feet smell way better after sandals than after sneakers...especially if they're worn barefoot...that's as wrong as it can!!!

Carrie Blogshaw said...

I'll give you flip flops, but I'm still barfing at the thought of a dude in sandals.

Anonymous said...

Ed Hardy just SCREAMS douchebag. For example...Jon Gosselin and the idiots from Jersey Shore. I am so glad that made the list!