Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clothes Women Love But Men Think Are Ugly

Waaaahhhhh..... Some of my faves have made the list. The lifestyle gurus at have published a list (click on title above for link) of fashion crimes according to men. Here goes:

* Ugg boots ~ Fair enough. They earned their name honestly, Ugg being short for "ugly boots" according to the Aussies. I don't own any. I am aware how they make women look
* Harem pants ~ Yeah. They didn't look good on MC Hammer in the early 90's. They didn't look good when they became trendy for 5 seconds last spring. They don't look good in pictures, they don't look good on models and they don't look good on you
* Hoop earrings (the HUGE ones) ~ It's so J. Lo. I fell victim to this craze in the late 80's. I dropped the hoops when Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation dropped off the charts
* Booty shorts ~ Seriously. Have you seen my ass lately? Have you seen your ass lately?? I urge all women under the age of 25 to get a good rear view before wearing these outdoors. All women over the age of 25 should be shot if caught wearing these outdoors
* Sweatpants with words on the butt ~ Why would it matter if they have words on the butt? Women should not wear sweat pants full stop
* Gladiator sandals ~ Totally agree. They are SO unsexy
* Leggings ~ This hurts me. I wore them today. I wore them yesterday. And the weekend before that. And the weekend before that incredibly comfortable weekend. Seriously???!!! Are they that unsexy? How can something that feels so good be so undesirable?? Don't men understand that the look of confidence radiating from our faces is due to nothing more than a high lycra content and elastic waistband???


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Anonymous said...

Can you please add low-ride jeans to the list? Very few women look good in them. It just looks like you are trying to minimize your hips. Here's a news flash: Most guys I know like women with hips. Hips are sexy!