Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sports, ballet and other relationship atrocities...

I had to watch World Cup football for my boyfriend today. When the request was first made, I was shocked and dismayed. However, I realized that I might have to ask G Spot, my FIFA-loving lover, to participate in something that he might not like at some point. As a result, we ended up at a bar watching the game with the most dedicated fans. At 9.30 in the morning. On a Sunday.

Now, I'm quite girly, so this was a big stretch for me. At any given time, I'd rather eat a bowl of my own hair than watch sports. I don't care for high stakes games, championships or Olympics. I sat there this morning, staring at the screen in the same just-saw-a-ufo expression that my mom had when I tried to teach her how to use the internet. Clueless.

My question is: are we supposed to try to care or are we just supposed to fake it? I will never care for sports and that's final. Of course, I want to support G Spot and if he's interested, I'll listen and watch. What if I was, say, a fan of romantic comedies... I think I would be okay if G Spot pretended to care a bit and let me watch a dvd or two. I would appreciate it if he would go to the theatre with me, but I don't think I'd expect it often - why torture someone knowingly (unless they've really p*ssed you off...)?

Really, this morning taught me to both fake it and pretend to care. Because he cares, I care (a teeny bit). I will admit that it added a dimension to G Spot's persona, as I've never really seen him as a sporto until today. I also didn't know he had the capacity to drink that many alcoholic beverages before noon. So be it. Now that I've sat through a soccer match and survived, I'm sure G Spot will be eagerly anticipating the opera, ballet or Oprah that he will be forced to watch in the near future!

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Ginger said...

lol. I can relate with this. A lot of quid pro quo with me and bf.
He has made me sit through Shaolin temple. I have made him sit through Back-up plan urgh!
And sometimes you truly start to like from pretending to like.