Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blunders, slip-ups and other unforgiveable gaffes

My friends at eHarmony are on a roll and the latest unsolicited piece of advice to land in my inbox refers to the 4 most common dating mistakes that women make. I wondered why this only appealed to women – however when I read the content, it became apparent:

Talking about long-term commitment too soon. Yes, this is directed at women and yes, your man will run for the hills.

Unloading past relationship baggage. Whenever I ask men why their relationships fail, I always get the same answer – that she was a “psycho.” Since all men believe that their relationships end due to horrifying and irreconcilable psychotic behaviour by women, only women would be able to talk about the actual baggage that ruined their previous relationships.

Conducting a job interview. Actually, I don’t agree that this is a mistake. I feel that dates are like interviews and I would like to propose that daters show up with resumes and (professional) head shots. Why? There is a lot of information to remember in a short amount of time and, depending on the number of dates, it’s hard to keep the info straight. Dates are just like interviews but they are typically facilitated by a steady flow of alcohol and are therefore slightly more enjoyable.

Being ungrateful and unappreciative. After years of dating weirdos and experiencing many types of strange situations and psychological torture that I would have preferred not to, I must admit that I appreciate every aspect of non-weirdo behaviour that I experience now and I am very grateful for it.

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