Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello, Lover

Look at them. Look how beautiful they are. They are without a doubt the most gorgeous booties I have ever seen. For many, MANY months I have wanted to have a relationship with these booties. I have pursued them relentlessly – shamefully, really. Honestly, I have stalked these booties twice a day for 6 months on ebay in an attempt to bring us together. I almost gave up. It was the saddest of unrequited loves and seemed doomed to end in tragedy, like the brief affair between Romeo and Juliet (yes, I do believe this is a fair comparison)… I began to feel that the booties just didn’t want to be with me and it hurt. A lot.

Finally, yesterday, fate stepped in and I was able to purchase the booties. We will finally be together within 5 – 7 business days. We really WERE meant to be! My outfits and I are so excited! I am so very, very happy! I think I have now found inner peace. I guess, sometimes, persistent stalking and raging obsession really pays off.

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