Wednesday, November 19, 2008


How much is too much?
If we compare dating to travelling, then the airport is the meeting stage. There, our baggage is counted and weighed. If our baggage is determined to be overweight, we have to pay for it, however we are still allowed on the flight.
The flight is like the dating stage, where it is hoped that the baggage will not weigh down the plane. The heavier the load, the more fuel is burned up. The dating (or flight) stage allows one time to sleep, read, relax and watch movies OR talk to the person in the next seat, learn something new and broaden one's horizons. It is like opening the baggage and going through it - maybe there are some things that are worth hanging on to, but if there are items in there that have not been used or proven to be of value in months or years, it's time to let it go.
The arrival of the flight is like that infamous 3 month dating point where one usually reaches the stage of fight or flight. If one is travelling with overweight baggage that hasn't managed to decrease in size during the flight, one might decide that fleeing is the option that makes the most sense. As most of us who travel know, it is much easier and more pleasant to carry small, lightweight baggage then it is to lug around heavy, cumbersome baggage. The same goes in relationships. Partners are supposed to help each other lighten their loads or partner up and have the ability to tackle issues and problems with twice the power of one person. I'm finding this all very interesting to contemplate.
I will make one exception to this analogy, however. If any future partner of mine is travelling with overweight and cumbersome baggage, I will try my best to work it out if it turns happens that he's carrying a set of gently used Louis Vuitton steamer trunks.

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