Monday, November 24, 2008

Is this thing ON????

How many times have I sat around, starting at my phone waiting for it to ring?
Too many times, really. Perhaps the worst part of all is that, after all the anticipation, the phone FINALLY rings but it's not the person who was expected to call. The caller can hear the disappointment in my voice.
"Oh (in a strained voice with a mix of sadness and crushing desperation). Hi Mom"
Although I consider myself to be a modern woman, I struggle to act as a modern woman when it comes to dating. It's hard for me to suppress my traditional sensibilities. I am starting to realize now that it's impossible to date in this day and age and have any traditional values at all, but it's hard to let go.
What is phone etiquette supposed to be like these days? Are calls to be initiated in turns? I make one call and they make the next? Are we supposed to make the majority of calls?? Are they??? Do we seem desperate or too forward if we call too often? Do we seem aloof, disinterested and overly confident if we don't call often enough? Am I over-thinking things a bit???

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