Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love Story

After recently suffering YET ANOTHER dating disaster, I am now even more confused than ever. What really makes me scratch my head is that, after much research, it seems that some of the best love stories and songs are written by men. Why is it that men pretend not to have feelings and emotions when they are able to pour their hearts out into movies, books and songs that are so moving they make us melt??? I've thought about this a lot, maybe even too much, but it confuses me. Why is it so hard for so many men to confront or discuss their feelings when many others are so in tune with them that they have written the best love stories of all time?
Let's look at a few examples of romantic movies/stories written by men that are so emotional they've turned us all into blubbering messes:
* Love Story
* The Notebook
* Romeo & Juliet
* Dr. Zhivago
* Casablanca
* Pretty Woman (both written and directed by men, which may explain why Edward Lewis ending up meeting a hooker and not, say, someone at the library or in a coffee shop...)
* Bridget Jones (okay, it was written by a woman but it continues to move me to tears each time I see it and I aspire to find a man like Mark Darcy...)

All I'm asking for is to meet a man who is not only in touch with his feelings, but might also be able to put them into words. If not words, fine, but write me a screenplay or SOMETHING. Cut a girl some slack!!!!

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