Sunday, November 2, 2008


I LOVE New York! I travel to Manhattan on business once every couple of months and have been doing so for years. Somehow, I failed to notice until last week, that Manhattan is full of MEN!!! They are everywhere! I urge anyone to go anywhere in that city and not find one. I should qualify what I mean when I say men. They could be old, unattractive, beer-bellied burpers who frequent sports bars or baseball games, but no - the men found in Manhattan are mostly tall, dark and handsome suits. It's a man-mecca!
Needless to say, I feel that I should be spending much more time in MANhattan and plan to do so going forward. Below is a list of places with a higher than average man to woman ratio (opposite of the man to woman ratio in Toronto, which seems to be a number best suited to lesbians.....).
* Del Friscos - a steak house near Radio City Music Hall and it is just heaving with handsome, successful guys. There is NOWHERE in Toronto that compares to Del Friscos.
* Tao
* Buddakan (this is where the rehearsal dinner for Carrie and Big's wedding was filmed - I was hoping I might have mine there when I find my Mr. Blog)
* The Hudson Hotel bar (particularly in the summer)
* Basically any major street in the city, including 5th, Madison, Park and Avenue of the Americas
* LaGuardia Airport - I'm not kidding. The 6.30pm flight back to Toronto is packed with them, but they seem to disappear once we get back home!

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