Sunday, November 16, 2008

Craig's List

This is perhaps the most insulted I've ever been..... Through all the frustation and confusion that I've been dealing with while pursuing the toughest possible task - dating - this revelation is perhaps the most damaging that I've been dealt yet.
It turns out that Mr. Hello Wall (see previous related posts), who I really can't say that I miss in any way, decided to start looking for women on CRAIG'S LIST after we broke up!
He was apparently bragging to a mutual friend that he met a girl who could "suck the chrome off an exhaust pipe/bumper/fender (however the exact quote went...)". I had to laugh, as he could also have said, due to his lack of endowment, that she could "suck the yellow off a pencil". Fucking needle-dick.
Anyhoo, I just cannot believe that someone would stop seeing me and think: "where to find a great girl now?....... of course! Craig's List!".
God help me.
Isn't Craig's List where one would go to, say, list or buy an old couch? old chair?? old rug??? old, crappy, roach-infested apartment downtown?????
Apparently, though, it is a great place for one to find chrome-sucking sluts!!!

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