Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love in an Elevator

Of all the places to find a guy, I found one in an elevator.
In my building.
The amount of times that we ran into each other in the elevator over a 1 year period was quite amazing - it was like our schedules had been synched so that we might be able to one day have a conversation that lasted long enough so that we could have learned each others' names.....

Friends told me that I needed to seize the moment and introduce myself the next time I saw him, however it was impossible to ever anticipate the next time and when I was faced with the actual situation, it was hard for me to say anything other than "thanks" when he opened the door to the lobby for me (such a gentleman).

I tried to be as charming as one can be in approximately 12 storeys, but it wasn't enough. I knew which floor he lived on, but couldn't think of a good enough reason to hang out randomly in the corridor, especially as he knew that I lived on the floor beneath him. I attended the annual meeting for our building, hoping that he might attend and that we could have a longer, more meaningful exchange over a dixie cup of punch. Ultimately, I ended up sitting in a room with a bunch of disgruntled geriatric residents for 3 hours (that's 3 hours that I could have spent randomly riding in the elevator).

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