Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guest Post: The Best Places To Find A Mate

This week, my sexy singletons, we are lucky to have a guest post from esteemed dating advisor, Lynn Reid. Below are lovely Lynn's tips on: Where are the best places to find a potential partner?
Many adults are looking for that special someone. However, it can be difficult to find potential partners. If someone works a lot or spends a lot of time travelling, it may seem nearly impossible. Luckily, there are some great ways to find a potential partner. Here are just a few:
Most people spend a lot of time at their workplace, making it one of the top ways to find a potential partner. There are many married couples who met at their place of work. It's important to use best judgement here though, since two people may not be a match and will have to see each other every day at work if things go sour.
Blind Dates
Some people have their mates set them up on a blind date. This can work out very well, since mates usually know their friends quite well and there is a good chance that they will choose someone suitable. When out on a blind date, be sure not to lean on the topic of the friend in common; it is important for the two people on the date to talk as if they had met on their own.
Anyone meeting a blind date must realise that their mutual friend has likely shared some information about each other. It's imperative to give their blind date partner a chance to get to know the real person behind the stories, and to try not to focus on stories they may have already heard about their date.
Online Dating
Online dating is becoming more popular as a way to meet dates. It is great for those who want to be proactive and make things happen instead of waiting to bump into the right person. The ability to browse profiles and contact attractive possibilities is an easy way to meet people with shared interests, and can be a great way to showcase one's own profile. It is important to remember to take safety precautions as one might in any situation, but online dating can be a great way to line up a few dates.
Out and About!
People tend to forget that there is a world of people outside their front door. Simple things like walking down the street or standing in a lift can present a number of dating opportunities. It's important to be aware of all the possibilities that exist every day in a number of ordinary places.
Evening Classes
This is a great way to meet someone new who could be interested in the same things as you, depending on your course. It could be cooking or martial arts, it doesn’t matter as long as you share the enthusiasm for the topic you will click and it may even lead to romance or love.
Picking Your Moment
While there are many places to meet that special someone, there are a few places that usually bode poorly for a relationship. A bar can be a fun place to meet up, but if someone is very drunk, he or she should avoid seeking dates as it may seem more like harassment. It would be embarrassing and upsetting for the person being asked. Alcohol will always bring out the worst in you rather than the best.
Another time where a dating advance will not be received well is when it is clear that someone is not in the mood to talk. A lot of people tend to ignore basic body language cues when asking someone out. If the person is sitting with their head down, reading or has a stressed look on their face, it is best to let them alone.
Finding potential partners may seem difficult at first, but there are all kinds of opportunities to meet a potential partner. Taking one's time and doing what feels right will ultimately end in a great relationship.

~ Lynn Reid works as a dating adviser, she helps others finding people potential dates around the world. She currently works for the dating team at Lovestruck Hong Kong using her knowledge and experiences as an ex-pat to help others ~

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friends Without Benefits

Is it even possible?! I have a few male friends in my life. But did most of those relationships start out with platonic intentions? Not so much. As I've gotten older (and better!), I have made male friends, but they are mostly gay. Fabulous! Nowadays, men don't seem to interact with me so that we can just hang out. Or do they?
Recently, an acquaintance and I have been spending time together. We've both experienced some disastrous and depressing dating scenarios in the past while, so there is a bit of hesitation on both our parts. We have been honest about this. Platonically, we connect on many levels. He's definitely come into my life for a reason and I have been enjoying our hang outs. The question is: will we be able to maintain a friendship without benefits?
I have noticed some friskiness in the interactions recently and I wonder where this is headed. How do I keep it friendly? Do I continue to show up when we meet dressed like a garbage collector? Acting like one?? Smelling like one??? On my part, I can't really help it if he happens to be smart, funny and playful. He's also tall and smells good, but I'm not focusing on that, right?!
Friendship, like love, is formed out of attraction. We choose our bff's like we do our bf's based on qualities that we find fascinating. I'm attracted to my bff's without wanting to do them. Perhaps I shouldn't focus on the lack of benefits in a friendship, because there are some after all. Together, we can platonically:
* Talk about things that I find most guys don't want to dish about
* Get the opinion of the opposite gender on decoding crazy or questionable conduct
* Hit the patios this summer without having to go on any dubious dates
* Get totally loaded, cross the line, not be able to sort it out and become f*ck friends with benefits!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Caller ID

It's hilarious because I'm sure every sexy singleton has their own version...

I know I do.  Who doesn't want to know when 'Big Fat Baby', 'Big Daddy', 'Whine-O' or 'IfIt'sNotOneThingIt'sMyMother' calls?!